Thursday, February 16, 2017


The word Orwellian means to me is like you cant think for yourself and your being controlled to think a certain way also that nothing that you do is a secret your always being watched and under servalance. Orwellian applies to our society today because we have been taught to think and work certain ways and our phones pin point and track our every move and conversation. so nothing that we do is a secret were always being watched and tracked. Its kinda like the book we were reading they people acted and thought the way whey were trained and they were always being watched by Big Brother.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Angela Poumele
Mrs. Johnson
English 6 C
If i could spend 15 minutes with anyone i would chose Jesus. I would chose Jesus because it would be cool to meet him his story impacts a lot of peoples lives. He is well known and is even talked about in other religions besides Christianity . Its would just be cool to sit and talk with someone so long ago and ask questions every one wants to know.  I really want to talk to him because hes so well known he impacted a lot of people in his time and still today for many people.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Goals and acheiveing them

 Its worth celebrating because its a new year you can start fresh make new plans and goals like eating healthier or working out and loosing weight.
What goals do you have? My goal this year is to eat healthier and work out cause i´m kinda unhealthy and weak and i want to be healthier stronger and have energy.
 How do you intend to move towards these goals? I´m starting by cutting out junk food and stop eating fast food and drink lots of water and eating fruits and vegetables.
In the article  ¨Its all about the follow-through: turning goal-setting into goal-achieving¨  Meyer claims ¨There are many small goals you must achieve to reach the big ones. This makes it important to organize and then track your ambitions.¨ To reach your goal its not going to be easy but if you have a plan and make small goals to reach to your main goal. Another thing i learned about achieving goals is in the article ¨ Learn the art of following through: 5 steps to ensure you achieve your goals¨ Tan explains ¨If you lack the feeling of certainty, most likely you will take half hearted actions and continue to doubt your ability.¨ So what Tan is saying is that you cant expect to achieve your goal if you don´t have passion and motivation because with out that your more likely to not follow through. What i learned from these two articles is that you need to have a  plan and most importantly certainty and motivation because this will help you out the most with achieving and following through with your goals.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My parents help create my reality

My parents are very influential on creating my reality. My parents have always been there and have always taught me what right from wrong. And how i should act and carry my self and treat others. They are always around me so i learn from them. My parents always tell me to focus in school and don´t try and do what others are doing and just do whats right. They teach me to always be grateful for what i have and help others and give to those who need. Like once a month me and my family go to this place called dream center and we pass out food, clothes, shoes, and hygiene, to homeless and drug addicts and help them get into this program that gets them into a home and helps them find jobs. My parents take me and my sister to serve and help others and just smile and show kindness because most of the time its a negative place in the streets and  people are kicking them out and looking down on them so we just smile show them love and help them. Also when i go to dream center it makes me realize how blessed i am and i should´t complain about if i have name brand stuff or not cause i see little kids and people my age and see how happy they are from getting used clothes. My parents are a big factor in influencing my reality they teach me so much and make sure im successful and they make sure that i am a better person they were.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My life as a reader

When i was younger like 7 i used to go to the library all the time and read but then i stopped going. And i would always hear people say ¨ ew reading sucks and i would watch tv and they said the same thing so i was kinda influenced and stopped reading. I dont really have a favorite book but i like some. I really didnt like popcorn reading becuase my reading wasnt that good so if i stuterd or couldn´t prenonce a word right people would laugh so i didnt like reading after that. Im currently reading the book The Stranger by Caroline B. Cooney the books really interesting i acutually like reading now and im sarting to read more often.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What´s Beautiful

Whats beautiful to me is natural beauty. No make up no fake lashes and natural hair. That´s beautiful to me because your comfortable in your own skin and that you love your natural appearance. Make ups pretty but some times its too much and some people don´t need it. Natural is prettier and better for your skin it doesn´t block pores and leave dark circles. Natural skin your face is more fresh and clean and clear. And natural hair weather its straight, wavy, and curly is so pretty and leaving it natural is less damage to the hair. Loving and being comfortable in your natural appearance is beautiful.

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